Effective Study Hacks Every Student Must Know

You are here because you are willing to learn and excitement to learn is a key factor of success. In this article, you will learn about the 10 best study hacks that every student must know to make their academic life easier.

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  1. Make Study Notes: Study Notes - An active way to save your revision time. That's why it is been said that "Better study notes are vital for better learning experience". 

    • Keep your notes concise, readable, and understandable
    • Add a reference to every important line, paragraph, theory, etc..
    • Write what you understand while reading your chapter
    • Use different colors while writing notes
    • Adopt Cornell Notes making system
  2. Working on Strengths First and then Weaknesses: We all do have some strengths and weaknesses in our life. Like this, every student has strong hold on some topics and they are little weak in other topics. The tact of working on your strengths first is to build confidence. This confidence will help you conquer over your weakness. Another gem of working on your strengths is that you will achieve Perfection in it. As once a wise man said “Practise makes a man perfect”, this is actually a true fact and opens unlimited doors of success.

  3. Reading Books: You must have seen top students are a kind of encyclopaedia. They have stored plenty of information in their mind. Do you know how do they that? By reading books. Tops students do not rely on a single book. They have access to many books. They either purchase it, get it from libraries, or get online learning materials. Another benefit of reading book is “Exercise of Mind”. More you read the books, better functions your mind will perform.  Know the right books to read: Everything on the Internet is true, and similarly, everything on the book may be false as well. It is necessary to choose good books that help in the learning process.

  4. Teach someone else: This is probably the best way I have found to learn. Teach someone fictional in your mind, probably a friend or so after you have completed your topic. It will give you a good grasp of the concepts.

  5. Relax: Don’t over-exert yourself. Take breaks, short ones. It is necessary to take rest. Have a really good sleep: Your body and brain functions better when it is fresh and rejuvenated. Good sleep will ensure that your physical mechanisms are functioning well enough.

  6. Discover your Learning Method: Every student have their own pace of learning and each of them do understand things with different techniques. Timing is also another important factor that effects your learning because some students have better understanding when they study in morning and some students have better understanding when they study at night. That's why, it become vital to "know yourself" first, discover your learning methods and study accordingly.

  7. Plan Well: Making a good strategy is equally important. What problems do? Which subject to study at which time? What about tomorrow?? Look up previous year question papers: The reason for this is simple. It would give you a really good idea about the hardness of the tests. It is far better to calibrate your performance in non-test conditions than in the test conditions. You are more likely to do worse in the real tests. Strategically dividing time between subjects: Making a time-table is the first step towards great learning experience. You will get an amazing output if your time table is built according to your learning methods. First discover your learning methods, then make a list of subjects segregated into strong and weak subjects. After that make a study time table assigning strong subjects first according to your learning method and time.
  8. Creating a Great Environment for Study
    • It is vital to create an environment that is free of noise, random visuals, cell phones, Facebook, WhatsApp, which are very big distractions. I used to find a very quiet, cell phone free, and well-lit place so that I could concentrate as best as possible.
    • Every hour spent this way makes an extra impact on understanding and memorization.
    • Topmost students create that distraction-free environment for themselves. The place should be clean, free of noise, visual distractions, and ergonomically correct. Studying for long hours is very much possible if your posture is correct, and you are not going through any pain.
  9. Practicing: Nothing in the world comes to you easily without practicing. We are not very good at retaining knowledge. It is pivotal to continue revising the concepts so that they stay fresh in our minds. No matter what your subject is, just like musicians’ practice, practice, and practice, you should too.
  10. Studying with other Great Minds: There is no big deal if you are unable to understand all the things on your own. Nobody can! In such case, you can join others and do your learnings. It can be your friend, parents, neighbours, classmates, teachers or online assignment helpers. Studying in a group makes a big difference. Topmost students do spend their time with group studies and online teachers to get more clearance with the concepts.

These study hacks makes a student's life simpler by helping them increase their learning capability, increase productivity, and train their brain to work smarter for better grades in Exam.

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